During the second part of the years 2020, just before the quarantine. We decided to make a game, by groupe of 6.
Our principal point was «We want to use the wind». And we want something easy, calm, sweet and warm. Thats the begining of our game : «Shhhhhh»

What are you thinking when you hear “Shhhhhh” ?
It’s the sound of the wind, but here, it’s our game’s name.
“Shhhhhh” is the first sound that you will hear inside of this game, when you land in a mysterious ruined city, looking for a rare and powerful flower.
You will still hear this sound during your journey in this antique city, inhabited by the wind. Or maybe, these winds …

Shhhhhh is a student project for our last year of Game Design.
It’s a solo game, for PC, made with Unity. You can play with your controller or just with your keyboard but, for a better experience, we advertise you to play with a Xbox Controller.
Our game is a 3D Adventure and Puzzle game.


Adventure - Puzzle - Narrative